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Auto CAD for Designing & Drafting

Autodesk offers certificates in two categories: Autodesk Certified User and Advanced Certified Professional.

Duration : 80 Hrs

Eligibility : Grads or undergrads: B.E, B.Tech in Civil, Mech, Electr, Undergoing Any Degree, ITI

Pre-Requisite : English, Computer Basic operation

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AutoCAD for Design and Drafting Course Overview

With introduction of Autodesk software in 1982, Autodesk Inc. has become an organization to have broad range of portfolio in 3D software. It has customers across many sectors like architecture, manufacturing, construction, media and entertainment and so on. Autodesk software helps designers to create innovative things through design, visualization and simulation. One will find such creations everywhere from buildings to electric cars.

Mastering such coveted software is very important for an aspiring designer like you to create solutions for current challenges. In the tomorrow’s automation-driven world, the creativity and knowledge of such software would be a lethal combination.

This course focuses on typical workflow in design and usage of salient features of AutoCAD software. This includes various topics on selection sets, drawing objects, organizing objects, drawing with accuracy, use additional drawing techniques like edit polylines and applying hatches & gradients, layouts, printing, and outputs, annotation techniques etc. As part of the course, you will create drawing objects, manage layers, apply object snaps, and work with the user Coordinate System.

The course prepares you with the skills and knowledge required for taking the Autodesk Certified User: AutoCAD for Design and Drafting exam and prepares the base of advanced Certified Professional certification.

Course Takeaways

  • Draw and edit objects, manage layers, apply object snaps, use advanced editing functions, and draw accurately using the User Coordinate System.
  • Create and manage your layouts, outputs, and printings.
  • Use annotation techniques such as markup tools, hatch and fill, multileaders, and dimensioning.
  • Perform drawing management techniques, use blocks for efficiency, and control external reference and underlay files.

Special Offering

  • Mentoring by the subject matter experts.
  • Industry Expert Sessions.
  • Preparation for in-demand job competencies.
  • Interview preparation tips.
  • Placement assistance.
  • Employability enhancement Tracking(till graduation).
  • Continuous upgradation tracking and career counseling.
  • On-job experience opportunity for high performing candidates.

Course Contents

Advanced Drawing Objects

  • Polylines: Part 1
  • Polylines: Part 2
  • Create and modify arcs
  • Create and work with polygons
  • Work with splines: Part 1
  • Work with splines: Part 2
  • Create and work with regions
  • Create and work with rays
  • Create and work with xlines
  • Create and work with multilines: Part 1
  • Create and work with multilines: Part 2
  • Create 2D isometric drawings

Organising Objects

  • Select and organize objects
  • Manage layers with layer states
  • Use layer filters
  • Have You Tried: Creating and Applying a Layer Filter
  • Apply and remove layer overrides
  • Use the Layer Walk tool
  • Merging and removing layers

Draw with Accuracy

  • Control the User Coordinate System
  • Edit with multifunctional grips
  • Have You Tried: Hatch and Hatch Editing

Layout, Printing and outputs

  • Create and manage layouts and viewports
  • Publish drawings
  • Create a zipped transmittal package
  • Have You Tried: Create and Import Page Setups

Annotation Techniques

  • Create and modify revision clouds
  • Work with wipeouts
  • Compare drawings
  • Format text: Part 1
  • Format text: Part 2
  • Use tables in drawings
  • Create and adjust multileaders and leaders
  • Have You Tried: Multileaders for Labels and Callouts
  • Create and edit annotation with advanced dimensioning techniques
  • Have You Tried: Creating Dimensions Quickly and Efficiently
  • Apply annotative properties and styles

Job Opportunities

Target Industries
Mechanical , Automobile, Civil , Electrical companies , Interior or Architecture designing firms

Exit Profile : AutoCAD designer/ Draftsman

Key job responsibilities

Designing using AutoCAD

  • Requirement for Job
  • AutoCAD drafting Proficiency and Certification
  • Salary Range - Rs. 20000 to Rs. 50000
  • Future upgradation Path - Advanced AutoCAD designing, 3D Modelling.